Working Title

ISBN: 9781921586552

Author: Richard Baines    Publisher: Phoenix Education

Working Title is the play you have when you don’t have a play.

It is one of only a handful of plays entirely devoid of any recognizable plot. And that’s not easy to do. The characters come and go. They interrupt each other. They behave irrationally. They are funny. They are violent. Occasionally they burst into song.

So what’s going on?

Working Title is an excursion into various types, kinds and fashions of theatre. In itself it is a sort of vaudeville experience. It introduces us to




There are scenes here illustrating

Theatre of the Absurd

Brechtian Theatre

Musical Theatre and the

Theatre of Realism.

And all in the one play! Now there’s value for money!

Furthermore, members of the audience are right royally entertained.

As they should be.

Bind: paperback

Tag: Education

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