Wisdom for Wee Ones

ISBN: 9780764363832

Author: Mark Byers    Publisher: Red Feather

If you could give just one gift to your child for their lifetime, what would you choose? Wealth? Success? Long life? Once Wisdom makes her home in a childs heart, she brings all these gifts, and more. WISDOM FOR WEE ONES is a rhyming interpretation of Proverbs, with charming illustrations that warmly bring home the point for parents and their wee ones. Based on the book of Proverbs, this set of 20 cards is perfect for parents looking for wholesome entertainment they can share with their kids, along with spiritual encouragement and light education. Also makes a high-quality gift for friends who have parents in their acquaintance. You'll be drawn to the charming, colorful illustrations and fun, rhyming verses. This easy-to-use deck set will help children understand the power of wisdom to give them a safer and happier life.

Bind: stationery

Pages: 20

Dimensions: 109 x 109 mm

Publication Date: 28-06-2022

Availability Date: 30-09-2022

Tags: Coming Soon   June / July 2022   Childrens (All)   Health & Wellbeing   Stationery

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