ISBN: 9783791375533

Author: Tom Schamp    Publisher: Prestel Publishing

From prehistoric carts to cars of tomorrow, this big, fun book takes a historic journey through a world where everything has wheels, from the Trojan horse to the Harley Davidson; from the stagecoach and the steam train to the Vespa and the Ferrari; from skateboards to electric scooters. Every spread of this deliriously entertaining and educational book is filled with Tom Schamp’s quirky and colorful art. His sly, subtle texts will make older readers smile. Younger readers will return again and again to these playfully crowded pages to discover what different countries’ emergency vehicles look like; to learn about buses of every imaginable dimension and weight; and to choose which bike they’d use to win a race. Each viewing will reveal charming new details that are as absurdly funny as they are educationally rewarding.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 46

Dimensions: 280 x 340 mm

Publication Date: 05-09-2023

Availability Date: 01-12-2023

Tags: New Release   September 2023   Childrens (All)   Childrens (Illustrated)   Education

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