The World of Cognac

ISBN: 9781846892400

Author: Michelle Brachet    Publisher: Quiller Publishing

The World of Cognac is a carefully researched study about the history and culture of Cognac – the most valuable spirit in the world. Ranging from historical brandy anecdotes dating back to the 7th century all the way up to our modern-day cocktail culture, this is cognac's story. The author explains where cognac originates from, how it's made, the people involved, as well as the classification and age, the art of tasting and most importantly of all, choosing and storing one's cognac. A comprehensive list of cognac houses are featured, providing an informative overview of many of the brands and a selection of their current products. Comprehensively researched study on the history and culture of cognac Best in the World, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards Historical brandy anecdotes dating from the 7th century up to our modern day cocktail culture Features a comprehensive list of cognac houses – an overview of the brands and their current products Making the world's finest distilled spirit – vineyards, the harvest, distillation, ageing and the art of blending Cognac classification, art of tasting, and storing Pairing cognac with food and in cocktails

Bind: hardback

Pages: 312

Dimensions: 216 x 254 mm

Publication Date: 15-05-2017

Availability Date: 31-07-2017

Tags: May 2017   Cooking, Food & Drink

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