The Saffron Runners - a novel

ISBN: 9780995132955

Author: B G Fox    Publisher: Quentin Wilson Publishing

Afghanistan, 1827. Suleiman stood in the carnage of his village. At twenty years old he was a man. “I am Suleiman! I take my birthright as Horse Master of all Farkhar". He raised his sword, pointing west to Persia. “No longer will Prince Omid’s men plunder Afghanistan. We will follow you, Persians. We will seize your horses and restore our honour. We will invade!” Welcome to The Saffron Runners, the adventures of a bold band of brothers who make a fantastic journey from Hindu Kush to desert to fabled cities and back across the Border of Flags. There is only one thing on their minds: The horses. And only one Horse Master who can lead them. A tale of daring, deception, desperation and incredible action, The Saffron Runners will have your heart pounding as you urge the heavenly horses on, gallop with the drinkers of the wind, and thrill to hot-blooded chases spiced with mystery and romance … and always, always, the lure of a destiny to be fulfilled. Outstandingly well researched and brimming with historical detail, if you want a real page-turner, this is it.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 336

Dimensions: 153 x 234 mm

Publication Date: 04-12-2020

Availability Date: 04-12-2020

Tags: November 2020   Fiction & Literature

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