The Planet-Friendly Cookbook

ISBN: 9781787836914

Author: Karen Edwards    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

DELICIOUS RECIPES AND TIPS FOR AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY KITCHEN We all have the power to make a difference We know our planet s resources are stretched to the limits. We know that without significant changes to our diets and shopping habits, nature will continue to suffer. But sometimes it feels like we re bombarded with mixed messages, and it can be hard to work out which foods are truly eco-friendly. This book sets out the facts in a clear and straightforward way, helping you to make informed choices about environmentally conscious ways to shop, the products to avoid, the best foods to buy, and sustainable ways to prepare them. With over 30 delicious recipes that you, and the earth, will love, The Planet-Friendly Cookbook contains all the tips and advice you need to start making small changes that have big impacts. The choices we make can help create a kinder way of feeding the world, and will preserve our beautiful planet for many generations to come.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 128

Dimensions: 156 x 156 mm

Publication Date: 13-05-2021

Availability Date: 31-07-2021

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