The Little Box of Wellbeing

ISBN: 9781800071797

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

Make yourself a priority Look after your wellbeing with the essential practice of self-care. Whenever you're in need of a little bit of wellbeing inspiration, ideas for a simple self-care ritual, or even just a few soothing words, you'll find all the help you need inside this box. Alongside a pocket-sized booklet covering the essentials of self-care and why it matters, this box contains a set of 52 beautifully designed cards, each with a helpful tip on one side and a calming affirmation on the reverse. Each card can be displayed individually using the wooden stand and is guaranteed to brighten up any shelf, windowsill, office, desk or side table. This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to bring a sense of calm into every day. This box includes 52 individual cards, a 16-page booklet and a high-quality wooden stand Choose to display a self-care tip or a comforting affirmation Beautifully presented and featuring bespoke card designs

Bind: stationery

Pages: 52

Dimensions: 110 x 165 mm

Publication Date: 09-06-2022

Availability Date: 31-08-2022

Tags: Coming Soon   June / July 2022   Stationery   Health & Wellbeing

DUE > 31st Aug 2022
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