The Complete Shakespearience

ISBN: 9781904709275

Author: Peter Thomas    Publisher: Phoenix Education

The Complete Shakespearience is a practical guide to teaching Shakespeare in the secondary school. Peter Thomas provides a stage-by-stage programme for introducing students to Shakespeare as a living dramatist for a popular audience. Using practical drama techniques for classroom, individual and group work, the book shows how to make Shakespeare’s scriptcraft the basis for satisfying activities which appeal to all students.

Starting from the principle that Shakespeare was an entertainer and impresario, and that his original audience enjoyed theatre as a physical, visual and auditory experience, this book creates a sequence of classroom activities to promote confidence and enjoyment in performances which do not need great dramatic skill but which get to the heart of Shakespeare's dramatic genius. Beginning with a section on building confidence, there are further exercises in voice, action and group practice, as well as reading to appreciate Shakespeare's stagecraft and how his scenarios relate to our 21st century world.

The Complete Shakespearience also offers edited versions of many scenes from a range of plays which can be presented, practised and performed as stand-alone dramatic experiences. In the upper secondary school, these can form the basis for written and/or Speaking and Listening work and lay the foundation for further study.

A chapter on The Screened Shakespearience will serve as a valuable guide to what is available on film and offers ways to explore and compare both film and stage versions of the plays. The section on Shakespearience for teachers provides a section of short articles on aspects of Shakespeare's thought and writing that will develop the subject specialist expertise of any secondary English teacher.

The chapter on assessment is directed at UK examinations but nevertheless has a lot of valuable suggestions which can be applied in any context.

An accompanying CD contains adaptable, photocopiable material from the book which will help teachers create resources and use scripts in the classroom.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 24-01-2013

Availability Date: 24-01-2013

Tag: Education

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