Natural Style

ISBN: 9781580118293

Author: Janet Sobesky    Publisher: Creative Homeowner

Focused on the environmental impact of design choices, Natural Style offers home design with a point of view and a conscience! Eco-elegant home decorating guide that focuses on the environmental impact of design choices Earth-friendly decorating inspired by the colors, forms, and themes of nature Ideas for every room of your house with fabric, flooring, paint, light, and more Over 200 color photographs packed with design ideas This eco-elegant guide to home décor is packed with attractive decorating ideas inspired by the colors, forms, and themes of nature. Author Janet Sobesky shows how to bring a breath of freshness into home decorating by incorporating natural elements into everyday living. Using organic and eco-conscious materials for earth-friendly designs, Janet presents a host of practical suggestions for achieving a comfortable, informal, easy-care, and sustainable lifestyle. With advice for every room in the house, Natural Style includes the latest information on organic fabrics, natural flooring materials, low VOC paints, energy-efficient lighting options, and more.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 224

Dimensions: 175 x 225 mm

Publication Date: 08-04-2019

Availability Date: 30-06-2019

Tags: April 2019   Home & Garden

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