More of Us

ISBN: 9780473463496

Author: Adrienne Jansen    Publisher: Landing Press

Families, language, fear, loss, food and the victories that can come slowly. These are at the heart of this collection of poems by people who have come to New Zealand as migrants or refugees. "More Of Us" provides a glimpse into the experiences of this diverse group of people, which includes those who made New Zealand their home decades ago, and newcomers still finding their feet. And here they all are, speaking in their own distinctive voices. The companion book to "All Of Us", a collection of poems published by Landing Press in 2018.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 92

Dimensions: 150 x 210 mm

Publication Date: 17-01-2019

Availability Date: 21-01-2019

Tags: Fiction & Literature   New Zealand   Poetry

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