Mindful Ideas For Kids

ISBN: 9781800071964

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

A calm thought a day keeps worries away Help your child find a little bit of a calm each day with this deck of comforting and easy-to-understand activities Mindfulness matters, and just a few moments of quiet thought can soothe your child's mind and encourage them to approach their day with a little more ease. Help your child practise the art of mindfulness anywhere with this collection of uplifting cards, filled with ideas for calming activities and peaceful thoughts. This deck of 52 cards is packed with ideas to minimize anxiety, promote happiness and help kids harness positive energy. Each card, which can be displayed individually using the high-quality wooden stand, features a stunning bespoke design to brighten up any room. Box includes 52 individual cards, a 16-page booklet and a high-quality wooden stand Perfect to display in your child's room, or anywhere in the home, to encourage peaceful moments and positive thinking Beautifully presented and featuring bespoke card designs

Bind: stationery

Pages: 52

Dimensions: 110 x 165 mm

Publication Date: 09-06-2022

Availability Date: 31-08-2022

Tags: Coming Soon   June / July 2022   Childrens (All)   Health & Wellbeing   Stationery

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