Kitchen Medicine: Household Remedies for Common Ailments

ISBN: 9781906122188

Author: Julie Bruton-Seal    Publisher: Merlin Unwin Books

Re-printed 2020 due to popular demand Our kitchen shelves are full of remedies for all sorts of illnesses and accidents. In fact most domestic accidents occur in the kitchen. But if the home has hidden dangers, it also contains many handy but often overlooked ingredients for treating household emergencies and common ailments, from bee stings and cuts to sore throats and chilblains. The products for these remedies include herbs and spices, fruit and vegetables, oils and vinegars, and many other familiar items. In Kitchen Medicine the authors of the successful Hedgerow Medicine now move indoors to describe the wealth of healing and emergency remedies that sit unused and idle in the kitchen. Superb illustrations adorn a lively text. The ailments and illnesses that kitchen medicine can address are comprehensively listed, making diagnosis and cure both immediate and easy.

Bind: hardback

Dimensions: 189 x 246 mm

Publication Date: 30-04-2020

Availability Date: 01-07-2020

Tags: Coming Soon   July 2020   Reference

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