Kids Guide to Learning the Ukulele

ISBN: 9781641240482

Author: Emily Arrow    Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

The benefits of music are monumental! Ukuleles are the perfect first instrument for kids to learn to play, and this book will show them why and how. Filled with basic instructions for holding positions, tuning, basic chords, and more, children will then learn and practice 25 songs, games, and activities. From songs about counting to songs about yoga, each exciting musical activity provides a rich and playful learning experience kids will love! Kid's Guide to Learning the Ukulele is a must-have musical journey for children and parents or teachers alike - no prior experience or knowledge needed!

Bind: paperback

Pages: 96

Dimensions: 203 x 254 mm

Publication Date: 07-04-2020

Availability Date: 30-06-2020

Tags: April 2020   Childrens (All)   Craft & Hobbies   Music

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