Jigsaw - Teaching Poetry to Middle Secondary Students

ISBN: 9781925169027

Author: Ken Watson    Publisher: Phoenix Education

This photocopiable resource provides teachers with a range of poetry suitable for middle secondary years, and a wealth of suggestions and approaches for teaching the poems. Two Australian poets, Jeff Guess and Kris Hemensley, have provided drafts of their poems, enabling students to study the ways in which poets revise and perfect their work. Jeff Guess has also provided many suggestions for poetry-writing workshops. A section on performance poetry suggests ways in which students, in groups, can prepare poems for oral presentation. Contents A VARIETY OF APPROACHES Jigsaw poem — Alfred Tennyson Verse Riddles — Anglo-Saxon riddles, John Fuller, John Mole, May Swenson, Vasko Popa Asking Questions — poem by E.E. Cummings Cloze — Percy Bysshe Shelley Sequencing — George Herbert, James Wright Jumbled Poems — John Dryden, Vernon Scannell, Thomas Otway POEMS FOR PERFORMANCE Choral Speaking — Ogden Nash Dialogue Performance — Paul Fleischman, Roger McGough, Gael Turnbull Readers Theatre — Allan Ahlberg, Paul Dehn, Peter Dixon WRITING POETRY Getting Started — The Joeys Memories — Marietta Elliott Tone — Jeff Guess Haiku — Jeff Guess,Roger McGough THE DRAFTING GRIND The Drafting Grind — Jeff Guess, Chris Hemensley THE DRAMATIC MONOLOGUE The Dramatic Monologue — Robert Browning, Carol Ann Duffy THREE THEMES School — Gregory Harrison, John Latham, Barrie Wade Progress? — Vachel Lindsay, Raymond Wilson Prejudice — Jack Davis, Jackie Kay, Jim Wong-chu POEMS FOR DISCUSSION AND ACTIVITY Sounds and Pictures — William Blake Perfect? — Jeff Guess Poems in Translation — two versions of one of the Songs of Solomon Missing Words — John Donne Poems to Compare — John Donne, Richard Lovelace POEMS BY PETER SKRYZNECKI

Publication Date: 11-04-2016

Availability Date: 31-05-2016

Tags: May 2016   Education

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