How To Grow An Addict

ISBN: 9781631529917

Author: J A Wright   

Randall Grange has been tricked into admitting herself into a treatment centre and she doesn t know why. She's not a party hound like the others in her therapy group - but then again, she knows she can't live without pills or booze. Raised by an alcoholic father, a detached mother, and a loving aunt and uncle, Randall is a misfit who both loves and hates her life. Introduced as a child to the miraculous effects of booze and drugs and a regular user by age fifteen, her young adult years have been filled with bad choices. By the time she s twenty-three years old, she s a full-blown drug addict- and in more trouble than she's ever known was possible. Now Randall has to decide: Keep going the way she's going, or start a new life? Alternately heartbreaking and hilarious, How To Grow An Addict is a compelling coming-of-age story about a young woman's descent into addiction - and her struggle for redemption. J.A. Wright was raised in the Pacific Northwest and moved to New Zealand in 1990. In addition to working as a festival producer, she's been crafting this novel for the past decade

Bind: paperback

Pages: 295

Dimensions: 140 x 218 mm

Publication Date: 01-09-2015

Availability Date: 01-11-2015

Tags: October 2015   Fiction & Literature

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