How To Be Happy

ISBN: 9780764364136

Author: Olivia Gibbs    Publisher: Schiffer Books

Learn to practice patience, embrace forgiveness, release anger and find lasting joy with this inspiring guide for a happy life. This charmingly illustrated gift book offers 52 creative ideas to help you unlock the keys to happiness through acts of kindness, a positive mindset, and healthy habits. Bonus: Sixteen pull-out mini postcards are included! ;A beautifully illustrated gift book! ;52 simple yet effective ideas for mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, and more. ;Learn how to let go of fear, nurture your inner child, be present, and live a more fulfilling life. ;A perfect gift for anyone looking for serenity in a hectic world. ;BONUS: 16 "tear-and-share" mini-postcards included with the book! Happiness, peace, and serenity are within reach, and this lovely book can help you attain them. If you like it, be sure to check out its companion, The Better Day Book, also by Olivia Gibbs.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 168

Dimensions: 152 x 203 mm

Publication Date: 26-07-2022

Availability Date: 30-09-2022

Tags: Coming Soon   June / July 2022   Health & Wellbeing   Stationery

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