Frozen Summer

ISBN: 9780473484392

Author: Ian Austin   

Ian Austin is being compared to Ian Rankin with his Dan Calder trilogy of crime novels. Frozen Summer completes this thrilling trilogy! The Dan Calder series is a trilogy of crime novels featuring the uniquely talented but also uniquely flawed ex-detective. His struggles with depression and a cupboard bursting with skeletons vie for attention as he reluctantly travels from England to the other side of the world and back again, attempting to prevent or solve some of the darkest crimes imaginable and trying to maintain his loose grip on sanity all at the same time. Causing trouble or falling headlong into it is more than a habit for Dan Calder and it’s only the depth which ever seems to vary. Frozen Summer is the nickname Dan Calder’s girlfriend Tara gives to a cold case, the coldest one of all. Who else but Calder would contemplate investigating the unsolved killing where he’s the only suspect? The time’s come to revisit the scene of his blackest experience in order to try and move on once and for all. At stake are the relationships with Tara, their new son Bradley and possibly his very liberty. One way or another it ends here. Right here, right now.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 02-12-2019

Availability Date: 06-12-2019

Tags: November 2019   Fiction & Literature   New Zealand

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