Fashion Draping Techniques Vol 1

ISBN: 9788417656324

Author: Danilo Attardi    Publisher: Promo Press / Hoaki

Draping, also known as moulage, is a fashion design technique that involves working with fabric directly on a mannequin, 'sculpting' the toile on a dress form. Imagination and freedom are the key principles of this process, allowing the designer to start from an idea and change it as the garment progresses. Pieces take shape inch-by-inch on the dress form, going directly from sketch to fabric. Using the intricate process of draping, this extensively illustrated publication is an essential step-by-step guide for students, couture connoisseurs and fashion professionals who want to delve deeper into a technique used by prestigious fashion houses around the globe. This volume offers everything readers need to learn about the principles of draping and to gain a solid foundation for making their own imaginative pieces without limiting their creativity.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 195 x 285 mm

Publication Date: 02-09-2021

Availability Date: 15-12-2021

Tags: Coming Soon   September 2021   Craft & Hobbies   Fashion

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