Delicious Wintertime

ISBN: 9783899556506

Author: Markus Sammer    Publisher: Gestalten

Winter adventures require warm, hearty meals enjoyed with friends next to a wood stove. The call of the wild has never tasted this good. When the temperature drops, out come the winter sweaters, and our appetites for snowy adventures and warm, hearty meals. Alpine-inspired breakfasts kick-start an active day, while thermos-fillers and trail mixes fuel ski trips or family outings. The shorter days bring leisurely evenings with good friends and slow-cooked food--enjoy bread dumplings, gnocchi, or roast chicken and root vegetables. Finish off the evening next to a wood stove sipping homemade liqueurs or hot chocolate. Chef and nature explorer Markus Sämmer guides readers into the mountains through Delicious Wintertime. The book features recipes to celebrate the season. Served with a side of action photography, and tales from the backcountry, Delicious Wintertime is sure to stir the senses.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 272

Dimensions: 200 x 270 mm

Availability Date: 31-07-2020

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