Chathams Resurgent : How the islanders overcame 150 years of misrule

ISBN: 9781991164421

Author: Hugh Rennie    Publisher: Fraser Books

In 1990 those living on Chatham Islands/ Rekohu/ Wharekauri faced crisis. Annexed to New Zealand by a London proclamation, the Islands had experienced 150 years of New Zealand control. Years of muddlement, some good intentions, financial waste exploitation and theft, and failure to deliver democratic rights and basic infrastructure. The after-effects of Rogernomics had produced a government decision to “walk away”. Such infrastructure as existed would be abandoned, with the Islanders left to save themselves, or fail and leave. How could it have come to this? The first part of this book details the improbable constitutional history of the Islands to 1990. It includes gunship visits to enforce rule; support of Maori for Tohu, Te Whiti, and Parihaka pacifism; a revolt where the magistrate’s authority crumbled to nothing; and many more remarkable events. In 1990, Islanders rose to the challenge of their new independence from Wellington. Their independent community co-operative, the Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust, soon flourished. Today it operates electricity, ports, shipping, and other companies; uses a portfolio of fishing quota to support on-Island fishers, and supports private Island businesses. The second part of this book tells how this was achieved. This book will be welcomed by those interested in these or any islands. Equally, those wanting to know more about the most curious parts of the history of government in Aotearoa New Zealand, or just all who enjoy a story of improbable success.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 380

Dimensions: 170 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 10-11-2022

Availability Date: 18-11-2022

Tags: November 2022   NZ (History)

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