20 Rental Properties in One Year

ISBN: 9780473372293

Author: Graeme Fowler    Publisher: Graeme Fowler

Graeme Fowler is the author of the NZ Best Selling book “NZ Real Estate Investors’ Secrets – How 10 New Zealanders became Millionaires from Residential Property” which was first published in 2003, and then updated in 2008. This book has now sold almost 15,000 copies making it one of, if not the highest selling book on property investment ever written in New Zealand. Graeme is a well known educator, speaker and property expert in NZ. He has completed over 500 real estate transactions since starting out at the young age of 24 after reading the classic book “Jones on Property” by Bob Jones. Graeme has a portfolio of over 70 properties and still is very actively buying, renovating and selling properties today. In this latest book, Graeme had the idea to see if he could buy 20 properties using no equity (money) with one simple idea. He wanted to buy these properties with ‘no money being used overall from his existing properties’ that is 100% financed. The rents from these properties would need to cover the mortgage, the rates, the insurance and property management and all mortgages be fully paid off in 20 years time. This is a very informative, in depth and detailed journey of exactly how Graeme achieved this in only 12 months. He also gives detailed Spreadsheets of all the properties summarised with purchase prices, equity gained, cash-flow and the loan details. He also writes many articles on property and its related topics and these are often featured in Property Magazines. In this book he shares many of these informative and very well thought out articles for the reader to enjoy, and learn from. For any person interested in Property or Property Investing, this book really is a must read.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 212

Dimensions: 155 x 226 mm

Publication Date: 20-09-2016

Availability Date: 27-09-2016

Tags: October 2016   December 2016   Business

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