1001 Fun Things To Find

ISBN: 9781641241311

Author: Angels Navarro    Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Race against the clock as you search for over 1,000 hidden objects! An exciting seek-and-find activity book for kids, 1,001 Things to Find in Less Than One Minute will not only engage and entertain; it also adds an extra element of fun with the time challenge. Featuring 25 brain-stimulating visual puzzles with dozens of items to find in each, every cartoon art-inspired puzzle page promotes problem-solving skills and mental agility - all while the clock is ticking! Angels Navarrro is a play therapist and psychomotor education specialist. The author of more than 100 children's books, she has also produced television programs, hands-on learning game kits, and online games for kids.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 203 x 267 mm

Publication Date: 27-07-2021

Availability Date: 31-10-2021

Tags: Coming Soon   July / August 2021   Childrens (All)

DUE > 31st Oct 2021
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