Wildbore : A Photographic Legacy

ISBN: 9780473444136

Author: Catherine Knight    Publisher: Totara Press

Wildbore: A photographic legacy explores the world of Pohangina Valley farmer Charles E. Wildbore through his remarkable photographs. Wildbore captured the unprecedented environmental change that, by the beginning of the 20th century, had transformed a densely forested valley into farms and orderly settlements. Wildbore’s photographic legacy enables us to visualise the forests that have been almost entirely extinguished from the lowlands of the Manawatū region and, indeed, throughout New Zealand. More than that, it allows us to imagine a future where forests and wetlands are restored – to coalesce with landscapes of human endeavour.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 100

Dimensions: 210 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 20-07-2018

Availability Date: 31-07-2018

Tags: September 2018   Arts & Photography   History   Agriculture   New Zealand

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