Understanding Violence

ISBN: 9781927145487

Author: Annabel Taylor & Marie Connolly    Publisher: Canterbury University Press

For most of us, violence is something observed from the safety of our living spaces where we watch televised terrorist attacks and ongoing global conflict. We engage with the horror of mass shootings, and try to make sense of what appears to be senseless violence toward innocent victims. Domestic murders and assaults now seem commonplace items in our newspapers. But many human service workers and social workers confront violence-related issues every day in situations arising across every stratum of our society.
This book takes a multi-disciplinary perspective towards understanding and developing effective responses to violence, its prevention and management. It encompasses a variety of fields of practice and offers sound analysis of theories that underpin these fields along with their pracice implications.
Understanding Violence: Context and Practice in the Human Services is a reference for professionals, an essential resource for students and will be of interest to the wider community in explaining community responses to violence. The editors have recruited a wide range of experts who collectively offer valuable insights into different aspects of violence. There is something in the book for researchers, practitioners amd policy analysts and it should provide readers with a comprehensive overview of both New Zealand and international cutting-edge strategies for dealing with violence in its various forms.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 254

Dimensions: 152 x 228 mm

Publication Date: 17-06-2013

Availability Date: 17-06-2013

Tags: June 2013   Health & Wellbeing   Reference

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