Two Faced

ISBN: 9780764360503

Author: Thomas Sekelius    Publisher: Schiffer Books

Welcome to the world of Thomas Sekelius, whose makeup tutorials captured social media's heart with his accessible and down-to-earth style. This book is part manifesto, part instruction manual, and Thomas challenges a whole new generation to reject society's masculine ideals and try new styles of fashion and makeup. Sections include what is in his makeup case, and step-by-step instructions for each feature including bases, lips, and eyeliner. Interspersed with these sections are those in which Thomas weaves his story, discussing how makeup played a role in pivotal moments throughout his life. Product recommendations and tips for avoiding common pitfalls are also included.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 128

Dimensions: 190 x 228 mm

Publication Date: 20-10-2020

Availability Date: 20-12-2020

Tags: September 2020   Fashion   Health & Wellbeing

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