The Quake Year

ISBN: 9781927145296

Authors: Fiona Farrell, Juliet Nicholas (photographer)    Publisher: Canterbury University Press

Everyone in Christchurch has their own story of the quakes. There are heroic and brave stories related to the events themselves, and also longer narratives of endurance over the months of aftershocks. No one will ever forget this year.
In The Quake Year acclaimed author Fiona Farrell interviews people trying to live ordinary lives in extraordinary times. Their stories are moving, poignant, revealing and healing.
This unique book takes the reader beyond the physical damage straight into the hearts of survivors, in stories that will touch a chord with every reader.
Fiona's text is enhanced by beautiful photographs by acclaimed photographer Juliet Nicholas.

Pages: 207

Dimensions: 218 x 247 x 17 mm

Publication Date: 01-04-2012

Availability Date: 14-04-2012

Tags: New Zealand   History

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