See Saw (Nursery Songs)

ISBN: 9781904550815

Authors: Annie Kubler, Annie Kubler    Publisher: Child’s Play

A compilation of rhymes for parents and children to enjoy together. This interactive text encourages movement, actions, noise and laughter, contributing to memories of shared times. Spend time with your toddler exploring this delightful book of nursery rhymes. Here you’ll find many well-known rhymes, with a sprinkling of modern variations, for every occasion in a young child’s day. Printed on durable board, large enough to share, and filled with delightful toddlers, this book is bound to become a much-loved addition to every nursery bookcase.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 10

Dimensions: 268 x 268 x 8 mm

Publication Date: 10-07-2013

Availability Date: 10-07-2013

Tags: August 2013   July 2016   Childrens (All)

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