Lungeing and Long-Reining

ISBN: 9781872119533

Author: Jennie Loriston_Clarke    Publisher: Kenilworth Press

Lungeing and Long-Reining is a step-by-step guide to training, exercising and suppling horses from the ground, written by Britain’s leading exponent of the art. Published in association with The British Horse Society the book begins with advice on handling untrained youngsters and works through a logical training progression, culminating in advanced dressage movements. Straightforward guidance is given on: Training foals and young horses Lungeing equipment and technique Introducing long-reins and early lateral work Backing and riding young horsesLungeing over poles and fences Advanced long-reining – including cantering, rein-back, shoulder-in, travers, half pirouettes, half-pass, renvers, canter half-pass, canter pirouettes and tempi flying changes Piaffe and passage Olympic dressage rider and trainer Jennie Loriston-Clarke has broken and schooled countless dressage and jumping horses, and initially uses lungeing and long-reining to establish the horse’s basic education and create mutual respect between horse and handler. The knowledge she has gained over the years while working with novices and older ‘difficult’ horses sent for retraining, is distilled in this book into simple instructions, so that others can avoid making costly mistakes when training their horses. The goal throughout is to produce a horse that is confident, keen and happy in his work – which should be the aim of every trainer. Illustrated with specially commissioned sequence photographs, this book will prove particularly valuable in the early training of young horses, as well as in improving or retraining older horses, and refining dressage movements in advance horses.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 112

Dimensions: 210 x 260 mm

Publication Date: 30-06-2015

Availability Date: 31-08-2015

Tags: July 2015   Sport & Recreation

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