ISBN: 9780646847016

Author: Victoria Alexander    Publisher: Love Books

Our homes are the very essence of us. They’re where we explore and develop our individuality more deeply than anywhere else. They are a concentrate of all we are. Quintessentially so. They fulfil a human desire and are about the human heart. Our need for wellbeing is deep seated and how we choose to live, the home we create, is unique to each of us. Home is where the real you is clearly seen. Home reminds us to appreciate the small things. Dancing light. The simple art of boiling an egg. The importance of being okay with contemplation, as much as with playfulness, laughter and joy. Home explores the significance of relationships with family and, the tricky one, ourselves. Home is our nest, our safe place, to recharge and rest, explore and be our unguarded self. With tenderness and care our attachment grows. Home is about pleasure and nurturing, about varying ideas of physical and emotional comfort. It’s not what you do there that matters most, often it’s what you don't do. Home is a world you can change.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 440

Publication Date: 20-04-2022

Availability Date: 01-06-2022

Tags: Coming Soon   April / May 2022   Home & Garden   Health & Wellbeing

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