Good For You

ISBN: 9781942549727

Authors: Claire Chitham, Kylie Bailey    Publisher: Di Angelo Publications

Actress Claire Chitham has been free from Crohn’s Disease for 20 years. She tells her story about suffering from a chronic and incurable bowel condition while starring on national television and shares how she has learned to stay on top of her health and vitality ever since. Together, Claire and journalist Kylie Bailey share their combined knowledge on their GUT + CELLULAR health and offer up 76 different ways you can experiment, taste, trial and learn to grow a better relationship with your own health and vitality.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 243

Publication Date: 31-01-2021

Availability Date: 02-02-2021

Tags: November 2020   January / February 2021   Autumn Gift Fair 2021 - Design / Architecture / Gift   New Zealand   Health & Wellbeing

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