Branding Elements Logos 3

ISBN: 9789881562593

Publisher: Gingko Press

Another thick treasury of logo design examples coinciding perfectly with the multitude of today’s trends taking inspiration from geometric naturalistic patterns. 300 examples of successful logo designs, including Arteria, Samsung, Cadbury, and more, demonstrate how to create a cohesive brand, with examples ranging from simple stationary to high-concept promotional materials. Each project also features profiles and mission statements by designers, as well as explorations of their creative process when designing the perfect logo to expertly represent a client. It’s all about the Logo!

Bind: hardback

Pages: 304

Dimensions: 210 x 260 mm

Publication Date: 11-08-2014

Availability Date: 23-09-2014

Tags: September 2014   Architecture & Design   Arts & Photography

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