Be Kind

ISBN: 9780473510831

Author: Monique le Roux   

Molly Mouse gets up to all sorts with her friends; she has fun, meets new people in the neighbourhood, but most importantly, she learns how to be kind through testing circumstances. This wonderfully vibrant book grasps children's imagination through its intricate imagery, while still imparting a dash of wisdom. With each spread, the book's varied range of characters think up beautiful solutions to (often challenging) everyday situations. The importance of being empathetic, compassionate and kind becomes more and more apparent as the story unravels. Not to mention, the fun of finding our cheeky Molly Mouse hidden within each spread. The Be Kind story helps Kiwi kids understand the importance of diversity and how to act in situations they may not be familiar with, around people who are different, as each character represents New Zealand's unique diversity.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 230 x 210 mm

Publication Date: 21-08-2020

Availability Date: 28-08-2020

Tags: July 2020   Christmas 2020   Spring Gift Fair 2021 : Childrens Books   Childrens (All)   New Zealand

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