The Monocle Guide to Good Business

ISBN: 9783899555370

Publisher: Gestalten

The Monocle Guide to Good Business is a book for would-be business leaders, start-ups, and established companies that feel it’s time for some new ideas. It’s a book made to be used. Write in its margins and turn over the corners of its pages. But don’t expect management speak or miracles for untold riches. This is not a book about staging a revolution. Rather, this is a book about doing things well—from how you run the show to the pens you buy. And even about taking your dog to work. The 300-page book features original photography and illustrations printed on a selection of the highest-quality papers. The Monocle Guide to Good Business is a handbook for those who want to make a company that will last; it’s the ultimate reference for doing a job you love.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 304

Dimensions: 200 x 265 mm

Availability Date: 01-08-2016

Tags: September 2016   Business   Education

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