Run Mummy Run

ISBN: 9781786852373

Author: Leanne Davies    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

If you’re a mum who wants to run, there’s nothing stopping you! When busy mum Leanne Davies set up a social media group for her and a couple of friends to encourage one another to go running, she never imagined it would quickly become a nationwide network of thousands of women, all sharing a passion for the sport and a penchant for colourful compression socks. Gathering the very best of the advice and tips from the Run Mummy Run network, Leanne and co-writer Lucy have created this comprehensive beginner’s guide to running that includes sections on: From starting with a Couch To 5k plan to building up the confidence to race Fitting in running around work and family life Overcoming barriers to exercise How to keep on running when motivation wanes, and much more! Not just your average practical go-to, this book is filled with down-to-earth advice, training schedules and inspirational stories that’ll help you to be fit, healthy and happy.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm

Publication Date: 12-01-2018

Availability Date: 30-03-2018

Tags: January / February 2018   Biography   Health & Wellbeing   Sport & Recreation

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