Plant Paradigm

ISBN: 9780473461751

Author: James Wilson    Publisher: James Wilson

James Wilson was a farmer for 40 years before he became a vegan, a change that he believes saved his life. He'd spent a lifetime farming, growing, harvesting and eating meat and milk products, but eight years ago a health scare persuaded him to make the dramatic decision to change his lifestyle. James and his wife Barbie immediately adopted a whole-food plant-based (WFPB) diet and lifestyle - a vegan approach. And they've never looked back. Veganism, he insists, ensures a longer and healthier life. It also severely reduces our individual environmental footprint and avoids the often-appalling cruelty that livestock farming causes to animals. "Of course, there is a fourth reason" says James Wilson, "not quite so scientifically upheld, but one that works for me. And that is simply that there is joy in being vegan". Plant Paradigm forcibly puts the case for veganism, including some practical suggestions for how to cook vegan at home.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 121

Dimensions: 125 x 204 x 8 mm

Publication Date: 31-05-2019

Availability Date: 31-05-2019

Tags: June & July 2019   Cooking, Food & Drink   Health & Wellbeing   Biography   New Zealand   Science & Nature

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