Zany Wooden Toys Reloaded

ISBN: 9781565237308

Author: Bob Gilsdorf    Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Turn your workshop into a fun-filled toy factory! Your mission is to invent, build, and control wild and wacky toys! Are you up for the challenge?
This madcap follow-up to Zany Wooden Toys that Whiz, Spin, Pop, and Fly is sure to thrill your inner ten-year-old.
Zany Wooden Toys Reloaded! is packed with author Bob Gilsdorf's best and most creative projects. Disarm spy robots, launch flying discs, throw cards magically across the room- each of these imaginative woodworking projects ranks high on the fun scale!
Inside you'll find 9 show-stopping creations that will delight kids and adults alike, including: Magician's Envy Cardthrower; Boomerang Launcher; Bottle Cap Shooter; Pirate Coin Maker; Crayon Dispenser; Desktop Flicker-er; Knobby Knocker; Energy Orb Robot Battle; Gumball Smackdown.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 111

Dimensions: 204 x 203 mm

Publication Date: 06-05-2013

Availability Date: 05-08-2013

Tags: June 2013   Craft & Hobbies

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