Worlds Apart : A History of the Pacific Islands 2nd Ed

ISBN: 9781927145029

Author: Ian Campbell    Publisher: Canterbury University Press

The Pacific Islands remain for most people a region of obscurity or puzzlement. The attention of news media is attracted by atypical events such as political violence that contradict the peaceful tourist image of sun, sea and smiling faces. Journalists, travellers, business people and the general public have few paths to access specialised knowledge about the complex and changing 'neighbourhood' to New Zealand's north and Australia's northeast. Ian Campbell's History of the Pacific Islands, first published in 1989, served this purpose for many years, and its successor, Worlds Apart, has proved to be equally serviceable, bringing into focus the past and present of this diverse and endlessly misunderstood region. For the second edition this concise and readable narrative was revised to bring the story of the island world - from its first settlement by raft and canoe voyagers, through the period of western contact and acculturation - up to 2010. As with its earlier versions, this book was written not for fellow academics, but for the many people who want to know 'what happened'.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 392

Publication Date: 01-06-2015

Availability Date: 01-06-2015

Tags: August 2015   History

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