Where Do The Pine Trees Go?

ISBN: 9780473505509

Authors: Erica Kinder, Mikis van Geffen    Publisher: Southern North Island Wood Council

One morning Fred is woken by a crashing sound. He peeks out the curtains and sees the pine trees on the farm, his favourite place to play, being taken down by a logging machine. Fred is horrified but soon learns all about harvesting, replanting and the wonderful uses and benefits trees have. This book contains facts from the Forestry Sector in New Zealand and depicts part of the story of our renewable resource, along with the industry that cares for its growth and use. There is also hidden wooden objects on each page to try and find. Check the key on the last page to see if you found them all. At the end is also a word find, colouring, a maze, and some forestry facts about New Zealand

Bind: paperback

Pages: 34

Dimensions: 220 x 255 mm

Publication Date: 31-01-2020

Availability Date: 29-02-2020

Tags: March 2020   Childrens (All)   Agriculture   New Zealand

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