The Sporting Gun's Bedside Companion

ISBN: 9781906122485

Author: Douglas Butler    Publisher: Merlin Unwin Books

Thirty shooting stories in pursuit of pheasant, mallard, geese, hares, mink, even an old wild goat, these modern tales involve bilingual dogs, an ignominious goose, red-letter days and disappointments, days on boglands, moors, smart shoots, estuaries.
Punt gunning, rough shooting and wildfowling, dawns and dusks and assorted brushes with ecstasy and near-death.
Perfect gift for the shooting man as this entertaining collection covers the sport in all its variety.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 156 x 234 mm

Publication Date: 21-09-2012

Availability Date: 30-11-2012

Tag: October 2012

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