The Sophisticated Property Investor (updated 2020)

ISBN: 9780473440855

Author: Jeff Brill    Publisher: Brill Management Ltd

Those of you who want financial freedom and/or have a need to create a legacy to leave a secure money machine behind for your children, need to read this book. Herein you will learn the tools needed to invest in the commercial property sector, be it a building of your own or a share in one. No longer is this investment vehicle an exclusive domain for the rich, many mums and dad’s are learning how to play and making substantial gains to secure their future. “This is a well-written and interesting close view of investing in the Commercial Sector with some really good advice for a beginner and some good guidance to those people already involved with investing in property. I learned a lot and in the main it is a straightforward, helpful manuscript.” Rae McGregor – Editor

Bind: paperback

Dimensions: 155 x 234 x 15 mm

Publication Date: 10-08-2018

Availability Date: 10-08-2018

Tags: July / August 2018   Christmas 2019   March 2020   Business   New Zealand

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