The Look of Martinborough 1870-2020 : Updated edition

ISBN: 9780995123212

Authors: John MacGibbon, Mate Higginson    Publisher: Wairarapa Archive

Martinborough was a latecomer to Wairarapa and never really got going after it missed out on a much anticipated railway link. Off the beaten track, it was an ordinary and declining rural service town until being reinvented, since the 1980s, into a wine mecca and popular tourist destination in its own right. This mainly photographic book presents the look and feel of the town since early days.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 180

Dimensions: 170 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 11-12-2020

Availability Date: 11-12-2020

Tags: June 2017   January / February 2021   History   New Zealand

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