Thank Forward : A Gratitude Action Kit

ISBN: 9780764358647

Author: Julie Shields    Publisher: Schiffer Books

waken a rich spirit of gratitude in yourself and others with Thank Forward, a 21-card action-oriented kit inspiring acts of kindness, joy, and appreciation. Bursting with colorful, heart-centric art and featuring a companion guide, the kit introduces you to 21 unique themes, each designed for spreading gratitude. Each theme offers a range of options, from simple and straightforward to bold and declarative, allowing you to draw from your own strengths and personality. These cards are made for sharing, encouraging human connection, and spreading positivity. Replacement decks are available to keep the movement flowing, and you can share your experiences with the Thank Forward online community. The companion guide is full of joyful inspiration, fun ideas, and heart-warming affirmations. Whether you use the kit as a collaborative experience or an individual, private meditation, you hold the key to making a difference in yourself and others. The secret to happiness is gratitude, and Thank Forward is your guide.

Bind: stationery

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 134 x 153 mm

Publication Date: 20-01-2020

Availability Date: 20-03-2020

Tags: January / February 2020   Health & Wellbeing

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