Suicide; Aftermath & Beyond

ISBN: 9780473403652

Author: Paul Lynch    Publisher: Cabbage Press

"I believe we need to quit the approach in which we quietly come in through the frilly pink curtains and talk about suicide carefully so as not to cause upset or offend anyone. I'm saying we should fire up the bulldozer, smash it through the wall and start yelling: "Let's talk about suicide and how much it suck"". This book is the story of the tragic death by suicide of Paul Lynch's brother Brett and the devastating effect it had on his family. It is also a powerful plea for us to face up to suicide as an issue and acknowledge that the way we're dealing with it at the moment isn't working. "If my story can prevent a person, or people, from leaving their family and friends to deal with the aftermath of their suicide and all that goes with it," says Paul Lynch, "then I will consider that to be a success".

Bind: paperback

Pages: 146

Dimensions: 130 x 200 mm

Availability Date: 26-09-2017

Tags: October 2017   Biography   Health & Wellbeing   New Zealand

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