Ohinetahi : Garden, House and Art

ISBN: 9780473302634

Author: Sir Miles Warren    Publisher: Sir Miles Warren

Ohinetahi is the home of Sir Miles Warren, renowned Christchurch architect and passionate gardener. In this delightful description of his house, his garden and the major artworks within the garden, Sir Miles tells the fascinating history of the property, details the many architectural changes made since construction of the house began in the 1850s and describes the development of the stunning garden that is now visited by many hundreds of people every year. Filled with beautiful photographs, and told with his usual wry humour, Sir Miles relates the trials and tribulations of reconstructing an old homestead, and then of later having to repair it following the 2011 earthquakes. His tone of unabashed wonder and delight as he describes the ever-changing garden, makes this succinct history of an exceptional property a sheer delight to read.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 138

Dimensions: 250 x 250 mm

Publication Date: 05-12-2014

Availability Date: 10-12-2014

Tags: November 2014   Christmas 2014   Architecture & Design   Home & Garden   New Zealand

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