Native Birds of New Zealand

ISBN: 9780473270803

Author: David Hallett    Publisher: Sandfly Publishing

Native Birds of New Zealand is a photographic book of New Zealand native birds that will appeal to the casual bird-watcher as well as the ornithologist. Many books in the past have been aimed at the serious ornithologist, with illustrations designed to show distinct feather patterns but not to create an image that is also pleasing to the eye. The photographs in this book have been taken by David Hallett, one of New Zealand’s leading wildlife photographers, who captured the beauty of New Zealand’s native birds in their natural environment, from the subtropical north to the Sub-Antarctic Islands, and from the oceans to the alpine meadows of the Southern Alps. The text is kept short and avoids the in-depth academic material found in some of the very good reference books on the market. It does include all the interesting facts that set our native birds apart, presented in a short, concise format that makes the book ideal for browsing. With the advent of digital photography, many more birders are now equipping themselves with cameras as well as binoculars when they go into the field, creating an increasing awareness of wildlife photography. This trend, combined with the affection New Zealanders have for their native birds, makes Native Birds of New Zealand a book that will have wide-spread appeal. Native birds of New Zealand was a labour of love over many years. David’s bird photographs enthralled many people, though few knew the hours he spent hidden among the rushes to catch each perfect image. Sadly, David died suddenly and unexpectedly in August 2016. This book is part of his legacy.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 207

Dimensions: 310 x 218 mm

Publication Date: 01-08-2017

Availability Date: 14-08-2017

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