Maia and the Very Tall Wall

ISBN: 9780764360800

Author: Brian Wray    Publisher: Schiffer Books

Maia is a curious girl, with lots of questions that she asks anyone who will listen. Behind Maia's house is a peculiar stone wall. As Maia grows older, she notices that the wall grows too. While the wall gets higher and higher, Maia grows shyer and shyer. Before long, she is afraid to ask her questions out loud, and the thing she wants to know the most is, "What's on the other side of that wall?" Maia tries all kinds of ways to get to the top, but none of them seem to work. Finally, she summons the courage to speak up, and a most surprising thing happens--she gets an answer! By using her voice, and with help from others, Maia gets to the top of the wall, and a whole new world opens up!

Bind: hardback

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 215 x 215 mm

Publication Date: 28-09-2020

Availability Date: 28-09-2020

Tags: Coming Soon   August 2020   Childrens (All)

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