Lulu's Sleepover

ISBN: 9781907825385

Author: Anna McQuinn    Publisher: Alanna Max

Lulu is excited about her first sleepover at cousin Hani's house. She chooses what to bring then off she goes. The day with Hani is packed! They play in the garden and make water pictures. After lunch, (when Lulu tries cucumbers for the first time!) they dress up and watch a movie. When it's time for bed, Auntie Almaz shares a special story about when she and Lulu's daddy were little. Sleepovers are an important rite of passage for young children who will be reassured by this gentle story and will love watching the little cousins play together.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 210 x 245 mm

Publication Date: 30-08-2021

Availability Date: 30-11-2021

Tags: Coming Soon   July / August 2021   Childrens (All)

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