Lulu Loves Flowers (pb)

ISBN: 9781907825293

Author: Anna McQuinn    Publisher: Alanna Max

Now in paperback When Lulu reads Mary, Mary Quite Contrary in a book of garden poems, she wants to grow some flowers herself. Being Lulu, she has to do some research first. She gets gardening books, chooses the best flowers to grow, buys seeds and plants them. Then she has to wait...While she is waiting she makes a flower book, collects silver bells, beads and shells to decorate the garden like the rhyme and even makes a 'Mary Mary' doll! When her flowers have grown, she bakes some cupcakes and invites her friends to see it. Whew! Lulu Loves Flowers; encourages indoors and outdoors activity, covers spending time with both parents, promotes love of reading and visiting libraries

Bind: paperback

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 210 x 245 mm

Publication Date: 28-10-2021

Availability Date: 31-01-2022

Tags: Coming Soon   October 2021   Childrens (All)

DUE > 31st Jan 2022
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