Leather Crafting Starter Book

ISBN: 9781565239524

Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Leather Crafting Starter Book is the perfect introduction to leather working for complete beginners. Anyone who wants to learn this traditional craft can get started right away with step-by-step presentations of basic techniques, from stitching and hand sewing to dyeing, punching, applique, pyrography, and more. Featuring clear how-to photos and full size patterns, sixteen outstanding projects range from simple to complex designs. Readers can begin with easy projects for small accessories, and move on to more advanced projects like beautiful wallets and moccasins as their skills increase.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 176

Dimensions: 200 x 250 mm

Publication Date: 20-02-2019

Availability Date: 30-04-2019

Tags: January / February 2019   Craft & Hobbies

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