I'm Ralph, I'm Dad

ISBN: 9780473518660

Author: Dr Glennis Mafi   

Ralph Wood was diagnosed with dementia, and over the ensuing years his daughter, a medical doctor, along with other close family members, walked that journey beside him. Through poems, drawings and brief comments, I'm Ralph, I'm Dad lovingly tells the story. Though this is a personal account, it is a journey that others face, and in the telling you may just find that dementia is not quite as bad as many of us fear. Along with the struggles there can be gentleness, humour, hope, surprises - and even joy. Containing practical and poetic insights, this book can be a companion to you as you follow that pathway with the one you love.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 100

Publication Date: 20-09-2020

Availability Date: 22-09-2020

Tags: August 2020   Biography   Health & Wellbeing

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